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Please visit our main website for general product information.

  • If your server has two monitors (which includes the iMac or Laptop display), you must unplug them. ACRDS will work with only one or no displays attached to the server.
  • If you're having difficulties with RDP, please see Windows RDP Client Notes. The Windows 7 64-bit RDP client (and possibly both 32/64-bit Windows 8 RDP clients) has a known bug that prevents connections. AAP, of course, works fine.
  • AAP and Microsoft's RDP clients use OpenGL hardware acceleration. VMWare Fusion is known to block applications from using OpenGL hardware acceleration if a VM guest requests 3d acceleration. For best performance on client machines wishing to connect to ACRDS, it is recommended all VM's running on the client machine are terminated.

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Current Remote Desktop Services Versions

Warning: ACRDS version will only work on the OS's listed below. If you wish to upgrade to another major OS version (from 10.6 to 10.8 for instance), first, uninstall ACRDS, then upgrade, and finally re-install ACRDS. Failure to do so may result in system that doesn't boot properly. See Manual ACRDS Uninstall for Later Reinstall to resolve this.

Mac OS X version ACRDS version
10.10.2 *Yosemite (Not compatible with 10.10.3.) 3.9.5353
10.9.4+ Mavericks 3.9.5299
10.9.2-3 Mavericks 3.9.5210
10.8 Mountain Lion 3.7.5282
10.7 Lion 3.7.4999
10.6 Snow Leopard 3.5.4678
10.5 Leopard 3.5.3645

*Yosemite is still in beta. However, results of our testing so far has shown that Mac OS X 10.10.1 to be more stable than Mavericks. As of Nov 24, 2014, the OS still has memory leak bugs that Apple needs to fix, so rebooting a Yosemite Mac server every night is recommended.

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